Last night just having my hair cut with Miss C together @ my old apt @ Elmhurst, I looked at her exhausted lying on the couch and reluctantly talking about her job. She kept saying she needs a break since she has to work 6 days in a week, discrepant job types, and low pay. Almost no advantages for her working hard....... 


On the way back to 86th St. home, I saw that a bike, locked alongside a street light, was taken apart, only the frame left lying on the paved road. 


Suddenly, words and pharses come up in my mind, "working in NY is like a locked bike on the street. New Yorkers take each part of yous apart and leave your lonely frame there.... spiritless!"


Actually, I start working as a part-time cashier/accountant. The company pays me cashier hour pay, but I've to do an accountant's job. At the same time, being the bartender keeps me walking around. Not sure what I'm doing @NY. I hope all of these xxxx will end up soon and I can go back to my literature world ASAP.

I need to study at school to make myself breath naturally.

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